the day i fell back in love…

So after a reasonable nap after my disaster of a day and early flight I got up, had some lunch and looked around my hotel a bit.

What did I wander upon? Oh a little travel agency, where the lovely man looked at all the different options for me to get to Varanasi, figured the best one and delivered the tickets to my room for me. Winning 1.

I then figured I would go for a wander through the city, check out all the different bazaars – retail therapy and see the City Palace. I start to venture in that direction with my trusty map and Lonely Planet, but get stopped by multiple rickshaw drivers, all wanting to take me. I decline and decline and decline.

One driver is very persistent, he keeps following me along and I finally give in. He says ‘You pay me whatever you want, not up to me.’ I get in and tell him where I want to go. He then goes on to tell me that the bazaars and City Palace are closed because it’s Sunday. Fail 1.

He says he can take me to Amber Road to the shopping there – it’s open today and I will love it…. I don’t have anything else to do with myself so I let him drag me off to the emporiums I know are coming…

We drive for about 20 minutes before we pull around the corner to a textile factory. We walk in and one man, with great enthusiasm, launches into a grand explanation about fabric printing and how it’s done. He has stamps and natural ink and it’s all happening around me – he’s describing it all as well, but he has a strong accent, so I’m smiling and nodding at what I assume are the correct times.

I then get lead upstairs to the showroom. They have quilts – of all types, fabrics gallore – you can have anything you dream of made for you, scarves, wall hangings and paintings take up the rest of the space. I’m sat down, am served a diet coke and things start flying off the shelves for me to see! I leave with two quilts and two scarves – slightly poorer, but retail therapy is slowly pushing yesterday’s nightmare out of my mind…

We leave, I’m quite satisfied with my purchases, and don’t really feel the need to shop much more, but my driver asks if I want to head to a jewelry shop. I say I’m okay, just back to my hotel please – but he gives me this look of disdain and I cannot say no again – so off I go to look!

We whiz around the streets again, passing cows and camels in the streets, before pulling up to a little shop where I’m greeted with ‘Namaste’ outside. I’m lead inside, told to sit and asked what I like.

Between being shown the jewelry – I get talked to by a healer. He’s one of the salesmen. He was born in Victoria, BC and lived there until he was 13; in turn has a Canadian accent. Anyways, he totally freaked me out, as this is what he told me about myself (sidenote – all he knew about me was that I was Canadian.)

I worry too much – there’s a deep weight on my shoulders – I need to start meditating to relieve all the pressure I put on myself.

I need to think about myself more – I concern myself with taking care of everyone around me too much.

I need to let things out – I need to be mad – I need to tell people when they’re bothering me.

If I start to meditate it will relieve pressure in my lower back and one knee.

I should forgive my mother.

I wasn’t planning to stay in Canada and shouldn’t – just because there was great dishonesty in the relationship which caused me to not move doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to be the right thing for me. That heartbreak shouldn’t dictate what I do or don’t do. I should have learned to say ‘no’ and ‘fuck off’ much sooner.

I need to learn to sleep. I’m too tired too often.

I need to smile more. I’m gorgeous, but don’t believe it.

I should stop eating wheat and dairy; it’s causing problems with my thyroid.

I should be worried about Alzheimer’s.

I bought turquoise earrings, a turquoise ring and a turquoise necklace from him and left, completely mystified.

One of the weirdest, most intriguing and thought provoking days I’ve had….


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