The Wiggle Flop.

We nod up and down for yes.

We shake side to side for no.

Indians flop their head side to side, while wiggling it slightly.

I’ve tried to do it, and though it seems easy – it’s not, it’s awkward and kind of bothered my neck (I could probably use a massage at this point in my trip – might be an altering factor). I think it’s something you need to have done your whole life – or break yourself into slowly. It’s like trying to do the rockstar guitarist head back and forth – not a good feeling.


One of my favourite chain cafe’s in India – all the baristas were well trained in the ‘wiggle flop’.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what this head wiggle flop means, well this is where it gets tricky – mostly just if you’re a foreigner I’m sure, but still.

Wiggle Flop uses:

– Yes

– No

– I’m fine.

– Hello

– Emphasizer (after asking something of you, it can be added on as empahis)

– Enough

– Okay

– Come

Having the same head movement for yes and no seems ludicrous, no? I’m constantly asking the same questions over again in hopes for a verbal answer- as I have no idea what their wiggle flop has meant.

India – you puzzle me on this one…

Wiggle Flop, Wiggle Flop Wiggle Flop of Confusion!


A day of being silly tourists with my favourite Norwegian.


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