How to Create a Katie Kate Kay

  1. You need to start with your young women, slowly adding more and more of the pressure filled life onto her. While adding the pressure, add the university acceptance letters in quick succession.
  2. Your young woman will start to have a sleepless existence, full of indecisiveness. Throw on the urge to escape from it all and the passion will grow.
  3. By now you have a young woman who is itching to get out, when you fold in a trip to Greece – your creation will start to present itself before your eyes. She won’t want to go back.
  4. In quick succession, toss on 18 European nations in summer and a young Australian man to enjoy the journey with. She will fall in love and live in a lonely state once home.
  5. Once she’s back, stir in a year of college to become an educational assistant. She’ll love it, but she’ll start to itch to go again. The passion is now inside her, blossoming each day.
  6. Put her in a pub, with her two sister-like best friends. Pour the three litres of wine into them, allowing only 2 hours for this. Sprinkle the idea of travel together over them. The result will be: three one-way tickets to Bangkok and a year of travel insurance for each of them.
  7. Once she’s through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and New Zealand, and relaxing on an Australian beach with her Australian man, sift the idea of teaching overseas over her. The idea will grow and be researched – be sure to drop the TEFL Program in front of her. It will mix in nicely and a flight to Prague will be booked.
  8. Before you know it, it will be time for you sauté the job offer in the United Arab Emirates. She will glisten in anticipation.
  9. Toss her a class of twenty-two children – three and four year olds work best. Let her simmer for a year in the Arab heat, with short flavourcations to Singapore, Oman, Indonesia, and South Korea. She will begin to find herself and learn to enjoy time alone, just in time to return home and apply for jobs. Let three years pass in this job, adding pinches of passion for teaching every so often and a dash of heartbreak, by allowing the Australian man to go through the sieve. She will decide she wants to go back to school.
  10. Her passion for travel that has developed will steam out first with a summer in India backpacking and volunteering, before returning to let herself be educated again.
  11. This is your end result. Eight long years later, but well worth the wait. You’ve created a driven and compassionate older young woman excited about the life that lies ahead.